Magic-Float Modular Jetty System is a revolutionary product with excellent features. It is extremely versatile vinyl plastic floating cube with four connecting lugs and a best choice product for any leisure activities and sports or engineering programs regarding the water. Its creation and worldwide sales have brought many satisfied customers and have obtained a solid reputation in international markets because of this product surpriseing results.


LVD induction lamp has become popular energy saving product today  in the world.

Not only save much more electricity cost, but also save much more maintenance cost, labor cost and lamp replacement cost with its advantages of high efficiency energy saving and environmental protect.


A solar panel(also solar module, photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel) is a packaged, connected assembly of photovoltaic cells. The solar panel can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. Each panel is rated by its DC output power under standard test conditions, and typically ranges from 100 to 450 watts. The efficiency of a panel determines the area of a panel given the same rated output - an 8% efficient 230 watt panel will have twice the area of a 16% efficient 230 watt panel.

mobile stage

A mobile remote controlled hydraulic stage that can be used for public meetings, public information disseminations and entertainment, medical and dental clinic to outreach rural areas and mobile theaters/educational entertainment purposes.


Plasma Thermal Destruction and Recovery (PTDR) Waste-to-Energy Process, a unique, cost-effective and virtually emission-free technology of waste treatment driven by state of the art instrumentation and computerized control system.

Plasma, often referred to as the “fourth state of matter” is a special form of ionized gas that conducts electricity. It exists in the “white glow” that surrounds lightning bolts and is the major component in stars, including the sun. Although plasmas can be generated in a wide range of temperatures reaching millions of degrees (e.g. for fusion reactors), typical industrial uses of plasmas are at temperatures in the range of 5,000 to 10,000 degrees centigrade.


An energy saving ceiling fan that uses 48watts power consumption instead of 150watts being used by other brand. The fan circulate the cool evenly inside the room, hence air conditioned units lower electricity. It is reusable and infra-red remote controlled. It is being used in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, and ISO Certified.


First class equipment for producing electricity from alternative sources as well as to maximize its use for optimal performance while taking care not to harm the environment.

NAN HSIN Generator Set

Competitive Generator Sets for efficient production of power.

Generator sets been developed to be economic, easy, and safe to install even on the domestic level. With the rapid growth of demand for electricity combined with deregulation of utilities, utilization of a genset has become much more widespread and the amount of power generated through a genset has only grown.

FK-2 Automatic Straw Maker

Automatic Straw Rope Maker is a machine that produce soft but durable rope using discarded rice hay stalks.

Easy to operate, full automatic control, high speed, long duration operation.

Produce straw ropes from 13mm to 18mm diameters.


Ultra large format super fast printer using solvent based ink.

Digital inkjet printers and inks that cater to mid-to-high-end specialty print shops including billboard, banner and graphic screen environments, large sign shops and commercial photo labs. The award-winning super wide printers have a reputation for speed, high productivity and exceptional color quality. Its extensive line of high-quality solvent and UV-inks also are known for their purity, consistency and durability.


The most affordable, fully-functional, outdoor durable, wide format ink jet printer in the world.

The Gerber Solara ion™ is the result of Gerber’s continued dedication to the global sign making and digital graphic printing industries. Through extensive customer research and years of technological development, Gerber has created the Solara ion.

It offers the widest range of user-selectable print modes offering a variety of choices in print speed and resolution.


The SEAL brand has been synonymous with quality mounting and laminating products for over thirty years and has evolved through acquisition of complimentary businesses that make it today, the global market leader in wide format print finishing solutions. With a diverse portfolio spanning laminating films, adhesives, display solutions, wide format laminators, superwide liquid coaters and liquid laminates, SEAL offers the widest choice of image finishing products in the world.


Barco, a global technology company, designs and develops visualization solutions for a variety of selected professional markets: medical imaging, media & entertainment, infrastructure & utilities, traffic & transportation, defense & security, education & training and corporate AV.


Is an excellent vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids. It has undergone cold-pressed out of Camelina Sative Seed. Also known as the "BETTER FLAX" due to its being highly stable against oxidation as it contains significant amount of natural Vitamin E (tocopherols) such as gamma and alpha tocopherols acting as natural antioxidants that an ordinary flax oil do not posses.